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Zach here, Assistant Instructor at RSSOLUTIONS. My background in shooting started around 2013 competing in USPA and 3-Gun events. As my passion grew, I began to dabble into reloading before competing in PRS style events. Being apart of the Sniper community was truly a humbling experience and taking the job a serious as possible became a lifestyle. That included marksmanship. To be able to lead the guys under me, I believed in understanding and learning all aspects of shooting to include advanced ballistics and load develop to increase the consistency and accuracy of myself and my rifle. Going out and competing is the best way I think a sniper or even a shooter can go out and learn, reflect, and change the way they shoot. because remember what you were taught, shooting is 10% of the job, but when you go to shoot, it is 100% of the job. Are you trained and prepared?

“ Be a master of all trades and a Jack of none”

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