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Training available closer to home

Whether they are closer to you geographically or you are looking for something other than Long Range Shooting. Experienced operators that we have served with or have been trained by previously, and what you to have the opportunity to


When it comes to training, I believe firmly in train as you fight. This means no “range-isms”, and no nonsense in training. It means I also do not believe in rigid, linear systems of thought and doctrine. To survive and thrive in a fight one must be flexible and adaptable to the conditions at hand, with solid and practiced principles. Training with MTS LLC will provide those principles and training methodologies to continue your progression beyond our courses, and give you something that can be brought back to your unit or agency.

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Apex Training Solutions

At Apex Training Solutions, we pride ourselves in community firearms education that is both affordable and top of the line. We specialize in Safety seminars, Executive events, Military, Law Enforcement, and Competition firearms training.

Our courses and private events cater to shooters ranging from beginners to seasoned shooters, whether your goal is to: Learn general firearms safety, improve your scores in competition, improve your confidence carrying a handgun for personal protection, or improve your ability in the line of duty, we have something for you.

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