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Our Mission

Our mission here at RS | Solutions is to combine our 24+ years of precision marksmanship into a world-class curriculum of classes for our students. Whether they are training to become a better hunter, rifle competitor, Law Enforcement/Military Sniper, or a rifle enthusiast who wants to become more competent in their ability to handle a firearm. We have broken down our classes into what we believe is the best step by step learning process to evolve from a new or beginner level marksman to an efficient and effective precision rifleman.



Corey Robinson

Co-Founder | Marksmanship Instructor for West

Corey served in the Marine Corps Infantry for 10.5 years.

Eight of which, were spent in the Scout Sniper community. During this time, he served in all operational billets within a sniper team. The majority of his time was spent serving as an Assistant Team Leader, Team Leader, and Chief Scout Sniper. He also held the position of Primary Urban Employment/Mission Planning Instructor as well as a marksmanship instructor for II Expeditionary Operations Training Group (EOTG) Urban Sniper Course and Aerial Sniper Course. He assisted in instructing the Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course and Close Quarters Tactics Course. He is a graduate of Scout Sniper School, Mountain Sniper, Urban Sniper, and Aerial Sniper. Additional schools include TCCC, EMT, Methods of Entry, and Mountain Communications. Currently, he is pursuing a career in firefighting and focusing on the development of RSS.

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Eric D'oro

Marksmanship Instructor for West


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