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Meet Rob + Solo

While serving as active-duty Marines, we were long-time acquaintances that eventually made a link-up at II MEF EOTG (Expeditionary Operations Training Group). We were tasked with instructing the Urban Sniper Course. Quickly, we realized work ethic and passion for hard, realistic training was a mutual code we lived by. Together, we broke down the critical mission task required of todays military Snipers in the current deployment theaters and developed a brand new training program that increased the problem-solving capabilities, reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities, precision marksmanship, and overall combat effectiveness of Marine Scout Snipers, Reconnaissance Snipers, and Critical Skills Operators. Our love for the community and passion for instructing led to the founding of R|S Solutions.

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Upcoming Courses

  • Jun 10, 8:00 AM EDT – Jun 11, 3:30 PM EDT
    Maysville, 2968 White Oak River Rd, Maysville, NC 28555, USA
    In this two day course curriculum we will be covering everything in our Fundamentals & Wind and Data classes. You will walk away from this course knowing how to set up a rifle, a scope, use your ballistic solver, and how to incorporate wind adjustments.
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