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Intro to Long Range Competition

This course is for the shooter who is sound in fundamentals in all shootings positions, and is ready to start learning how to address competition stages, how to analyze, game plan, set up and approach the starting point.

What you will learn

The design of this course is for the marksman who wants to begin focusing on competition and test their skills in a competitive environment. The focus will begin with gear options and selection, pre firing tasks and checklists, analyzing the course of fire and parameters within to game plan the stage, and finally post firing checklists and tasks.

After discussing and demonstrating this topics, multiple stages will be run for time and for completion to provide detailed analysis of performance and areas to maintain and improve.

This course will help you begin to refine your skills for this area of marksmanship that is completely measurable and allows you to really get in tune with your equipment to ensure it relevancy to your application.

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