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Intro to Long Range Competition

This course is for the shooter who is sound in fundamentals in all shootings positions, and is ready to start learning how to address competition stages, how to analyze, game plan, set up and approach the starting point.

What you will learn

Prepare to elevate your shooting game with our specialized 1-day course designed for proficient shooters ready to conquer competition stages. This immersive program is crafted for individuals well-versed in fundamental shooting positions, offering advanced insights into analyzing, strategizing, and executing optimal approaches to competition scenarios.

Key Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Stage Analysis:

    • Develop a keen eye for dissecting competition stages, understanding layouts, target placements, and potential challenges.

    • Enhance your ability to identify strategic opportunities and optimize your performance.

  2. Strategic Game Planning:

    • Master the art of creating effective game plans tailored to each competition stage.

    • Learn to prioritize targets, optimize movement, and manage time efficiently for peak performance.

  3. Strategic Stage Setup:

    • Gain insights into setting up for success on competition stages.

    • Understand equipment placement, staging areas, and positioning for seamless execution.

  4. Approaching the Starting Point with Confidence:

    • Acquire techniques for confidently and efficiently approaching the starting point of competition stages.

    • Learn to interpret stage briefings and adapt to specific requirements and rules.

  5. Efficient Movement Between Positions:

    • Refine techniques for moving between shooting positions with speed and precision.

    • Minimize transition times, optimizing your overall efficiency during competition stages.

  6. Target Engagement Strategies:

    • Explore strategies for prioritizing and engaging targets strategically.

    • Adapt your shooting technique to varying distances, angles, and target sequences.

  7. Time Management Excellence:

    • Understand the critical importance of effective time management in competition shooting.

    • Strike the right balance between speed and accuracy for optimal results.

  8. Adapting to Unforeseen Challenges:

    • Develop resilience and quick decision-making skills to handle unexpected challenges during competition stages.

    • Enhance your adaptability to ensure consistent performance.

  9. Post-Stage Performance Review:

    • Engage in post-stage debriefs to analyze individual and overall performance.

    • Identify areas for improvement and refine strategies for future competitions.

  10. Mental Preparation Techniques:

    • Delve into the mental aspects of competition shooting, including focus, confidence, and managing pressure.

    • Develop mental resilience to excel in high-stakes scenarios.


Join us for a day of immersive training that will empower you to tackle competition stages with confidence and precision. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or gearing up for your first match, this course is tailored for shooters aiming to optimize their performance on the competitive stage.

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