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Long Range Rifle 102 | Wind & Data

This is the next step in developing your skills as a precision marksman. Understanding the effects of wind and how to apply wind corrections prior to taking the first shot. Then incorporating ballistic solvers into the mix by building your rifle into the system and implementing your elevation settings and getting more accurate wind corrections based off your rifles interactions with atmospherics.

What you will learn

This course is going to focus on incorporating your ballistic solver into your shooting process and data collection to get accurate elevation data prior to shooting your first round, to save time, money, and most importantly ammunition. Being able to implementing the ballistic solver will make you more effective the first time.


Then understanding and interpreting wind to make more accurate estimations of its effects on your bullet as it travels through its air to its intended target.

Combining these together with the marksmanship fundamentals established in the 101 course will increase your lethality and effectives as an over all marksman.


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