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Course Descriptions

Long Range Rifle 101 | Fundamentals

This course is designed to teach shooters to properly fit their rifles, mount their scopes, learn and apply fundamentals, incorporate drills to hone the fundamentals and measure data to increase performance.

Long Range Rifle 104 | Advanced

This course is a continuation of the techniques learned in the 103 Positional course, and incorporate tripods as well barricades or natural props to establish firing positions and engage targets.

Long Range Rifle 102 | Wind & Data

This course is designed to teach shooters how to analyze and apply wind estimates. How to build their rifles into their ballistic solvers and incorporate the data for elevation and wind for the rifle during firing.

Intro to Long Range Competition

This course is for the shooter who is sound in fundamentals in all shootings positions, and is ready to start learning how to address competition stages, how to analyze, game plan, set up and approach the starting point.

Long Range Rifle 103 | Positional

This course is designed to take the fundamentally sound shooter from the prone and bring them up off the ground and start applying fundamentals of marksmanship in positions elevated off the floor to engage targets.

Advanced Long Range Competition

This course is designed for competition shooters who need an outside perspective and consultant to break down how they execute a stage to maximize performance and increase proficiency.


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