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Long Range Rifle 104 | Advanced

This is where we begin to take the fundamentals up off the ground and start to become well rounded shooters on multiple positions, props, barricades, and any other surface capable of becoming a firing position. Whether you are training for your next hunting trip, competition prep, LE/Military application, or just wanting to become more proficient this is where you really begin to become a legitimate marksman. 

What you will learn

Embark on a transformative journey to becoming an elite marksman with our exclusive 1-day course. Tailored for shooters seeking mastery, this program goes beyond the basics, immersing participants in diverse shooting scenarios that encompass multiple positions, props, barricades, and any surface that can be transformed into a firing position.

Key Highlights:

  1. Dynamic Shooting Positions:

    • Elevate your shooting prowess by mastering a spectrum of positions beyond the conventional, including kneeling, sitting, and standing.

    • Develop a versatile skill set to adapt seamlessly to any shooting environment.

  2. Prop and Barricade Utilization:

    • Learn innovative techniques for using props and barricades as strategic firing positions.

    • Enhance your ability to leverage cover and concealment effectively in diverse scenarios.

  3. Adaptability on Any Surface:

    • Acquire skills to maintain stability and accuracy on various surfaces, from uneven terrain to structures.

    • Embrace the challenge of transforming any environment into a platform for precision shooting.

  4. Strategic Marksmanship:

    • Dive deep into advanced marksmanship principles, refining your technique for superior accuracy.

    • Discover strategies for maintaining consistency across dynamic shooting positions.

  5. Real-World Scenario Simulations:

    • Immerse yourself in realistic scenarios that replicate the challenges faced by elite marksmen.

    • Apply learned techniques in dynamic situations to enhance adaptability and decision-making under pressure.

  6. Equipment Optimization:

    • Explore the optimal use of shooting accessories and gear for different positions and scenarios.

    • Learn to select and configure equipment to enhance stability and adaptability.

  7. Individualized Coaching:

    • Receive personalized coaching to fine-tune your skills and address specific challenges.

    • Benefit from expert guidance tailored to your unique shooting style and preferences.

  8. Scenario Debriefing and Analysis:

    • Engage in thorough debriefing sessions to analyze your performance in simulated scenarios.

    • Gain valuable insights for continuous improvement and refinement of your marksmanship skills.


This course marks the transition to becoming a true marksman, equipping you with the skills to thrive in any shooting scenario. Whether you're an experienced shooter or on the path to mastery, join us for a day of immersive training that will elevate your marksmanship to an elite level.

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