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Long Range Rifle 104 | Advanced

This is where we begin to take the fundamentals up off the ground and start to become well rounded shooters on multiple positions, props, barricades, and any other surface capable of becoming a firing position. Whether you are training for your next hunting trip, competition prep, LE/Military application, or just wanting to become more proficient this is where you really begin to become a legitimate marksman. 

What you will learn

This course is going to take your marksmanship fundamentals and push them to the next level. We will discuss the concepts of shooting off platforms that are not prone viable, go over the positional fundamentals and how to evaluate a position and when it is acceptable to give up one fundamental to gain stability from another that provides a more sound position.

We will incorporate drills that you can take home with you to continue to evaluate your performance and identify strengths and weaknesses so you can focus your training where it needs to be to become a more well rounded marksman.

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