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Long Range Rifle 103 | Positional

This is where we begin to take the fundamentals up off the ground and integrate the use of a tripod in the staple positions of standing, both high and low kneeling, and the seated position. Elevating your foundation learned from the prone and bringing it to the next level. Whether you are training for your next hunting trip, competition prep, LE/Military application, or just wanting to become more proficient this is where you start.

What you will learn

Tripods are going to be the next step in building your skill set as a marksman, and in this course we are going to focus how to employ the tripod effectively and efficiently. This will begin with covering the requirements to build a proper position for your standing, kneeling, and sitting positions.

Then we will run drills to measure and evaluate accuracy from each, and drills incorporating the deployment of tripods under time to get an effective round on target accurately.

With these skills you will truly be on your way to becoming a fundamentally sound, and effective marksman able to employ your equipment in multiple situations regardless of the terrain you find yourself in.

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