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Long Range Rifle 103 | Positional

This is where we begin to take the fundamentals up off the ground and integrate the use of a tripod in the staple positions of standing, both high and low kneeling, and the seated position. Elevating your foundation learned from the prone and bringing it to the next level. Whether you are training for your next hunting trip, competition prep, LE/Military application, or just wanting to become more proficient this is where you start.

What you will learn

Elevate your shooting prowess with our specialized 1-day course crafted for shooters who have mastered the fundamentals from the prone position. This dynamic program is designed to transition you from the ground to a tripod, introducing advanced marksmanship principles for engaging targets with precision.

Key Highlights:

  1. Practical Transition Techniques:

    • Seamlessly transition from the prone position to utilizing a tripod with expert guidance.

    • Learn efficient and effective methods for maintaining stability during the shift in shooting positions.

  2. Marksmanship Fundamentals on a Tripod:

    • Build upon your existing marksmanship foundation, adapting it to the elevated position of a tripod.

    • Master techniques for maintaining accuracy, stability, and target engagement from an elevated platform.

  3. Tripod Setup and Optimization:

    • Gain insights into selecting and setting up the right tripod for your shooting style.

    • Learn how to optimize tripod configurations for enhanced stability and adaptability in various shooting scenarios.

  4. Engaging Targets with Precision:

    • Develop strategies for engaging targets confidently and accurately from the tripod position.

    • Hone your skills in reading and adjusting to real-time conditions for optimal shot placement.

  5. Dynamic Scenario Simulations:

    • Immerse yourself in dynamic scenarios that replicate real-world shooting situations.

    • Apply learned techniques in a practical setting, enhancing your adaptability and decision-making skills.

  6. Safety First:

    • Prioritize safety with clear and comprehensive protocols tailored for shooting from a tripod.

    • Foster responsible firearm handling habits in elevated positions.

  7. Individualized Coaching:

    • Receive personalized coaching and feedback to refine your technique and address specific challenges.

    • Enhance your shooting capabilities with guidance from experienced instructors.

This course is designed for shooters seeking to expand their skill set beyond traditional positions, offering a unique opportunity to master marksmanship on a tripod. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or advancing from fundamental positions, our course provides the expertise and practical experience to excel in diverse shooting scenarios. Join us for a day of immersive training that will take your marksmanship to new heights.

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