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Our Mission

Our mission here at RS | Solutions is to combine our 24+ years of precision marksmanship into a world class curriculum of classes for our students. Whether they are training to become a better hunter, rifle competitor, Law Enforcement/Military Sniper, or a rifle enthusiast who wants to become more competent in their ability to handle a firearm. We have broken down our classes into what we believe is the best step by step learning process to evolve from a new or beginner level marksman to an efficient and effective precision rifleman.



Matt Solo

CEO/Primary Marksmanship Instructor

Matt has spent 17+ years in the Marine Corps infantry with four deployments between combat tours and MEUs. And has been a part of the Sniper community for 13 years and has served as a Team Leader, Chief Scout Sniper, and Platoon Sergeant. He has also held the positions of Chief Instructor for Pre-Sniper Course, Primary Marksmanship Instructor & Primary Field skills Instructor at Scout Sniper Course West, and Primary Marksmanship Instructor & Chief Instructor at II Expeditionary Operations Training Group (EOTG) Urban Sniper Course & Aerial Sniper Course, and Chief Instructor at Scout Sniper Instructor School in Quantico, VA. He also instructed the II EOTG's Reconnaissance & Surveillance Course & Close Quarters Tactics Course, conducted training with FBI HRT teams, & instructs for SOF level 1 Sniper Courses epidsodically through out his career. He is also pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Technology with a concentration in Web Development.  He is a certified Breacher and has graduated Scout Sniper Course, Urban Sniper Course, and Aerial Sniper Course.

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