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Gear Selection

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

In today's post we are going to go over gear selection, this is a very sensitive subject for some people because when it comes to gear there are a few different mentalities.

1: Buy once, Cry once

2: 2 is 1, 1 is none

3: Cheaper is better

4: Money doesn't matter buy it and try it

These 4 frames of mind apply to just about everyone out there, because they basically cover all the possible mindsets.

Our "Buy Once, Cry Once" individuals basically will buy the most expensive gear because it is rated the best and they don't want to have to blame their equipment quality.

"2 is 1, 1 is none" individuals want versatility and try to make sure everything they have or use is multi-functional so they can save space and weight and minimize their packing list.

"Cheaper is Better" group basically don't want or have the money to purchase the name brand gear that cost the most and learn to use items within their price range even though it may not be considered the best item on the market. (Usually the biggest group)

"Money Doesn't Matter" group are usually the ones who can afford to buy and test out everything and discard what doesn't work, that is usually are smallest group because the majority can not afford to buy everything under the sun, so they fall into the other 3 groups.

Now to the meat and potatoes of the topic. The major things we need to consider when we are looking to acquire new gear is pretty simple.

What task do we need it to accomplish?

How well does it accomplish this task?

Is it an improvement from what I already have?

IS it a NEED or a WANT?

Can I afford to pay the price of this item?

If we can answer these questions or most of these questions with a positive answer then we are usually in good standing with making a purchase on gear.

For example if we need a tripod that is multi-purpose.

What task do we need it to accomplish? Hunting? Competition? Range Shooting? Observing? Hiking stick capable? Does it need to attach to just a rifle or multiple pieces of kit? IF so, what kind of attachment does it have or need to have?

How well does it accomplish this task? Is it wobbly? Weight rating? How many extensions? Over all height? Overall collapsed height? What kind of locking system? Neck length? Spike or rubber feet?

Is it an improvement from what I already have? If not a definite yes, then why do we WANT to purchase it? Compare and contrast the positives, negatives, and neutrals.

IS it a NEED or a WANT? If its a NEED can you afford to buy it without a financial set back? Can you wait for a sale? Same questions I would ask if it was a WANT as well.

Can I afford to pay the price of this item? As mentioned above, can I afford it now with no consequences? Can I wait for a sale? IS there something that does all the same things that is not the same brand and cost less? IS there a cheaper place to get it that has a longer wait time maybe that I can afford to wait for delivery? Is there a used on available that I don't mind buying?

Just some general guidelines on what we should be asking ourselves prior to making a purchase on equipment in the future. A lot of times I see guys buying stuff literally just to buy stuff because they want it not because they need it.

Remember it doesn't have to be flashy to be effective and efficient.


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