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Meet Rob + Solo

RS | Solutions Founders

During our time as active-duty Marines, fate brought us together at ll MEF EOTG (Expeditionary Operations Training Group). Where our mission was to instruct the Urban & Aerial  Advanced Sniper Courses. What started as an acquaintanceship soon ignited into a shared commitment to unwavering work ethic and a burning passion for rigorous training. Side by side, we dissected the essential tasks demanded of today's military snipers in the ever-evolving deployment theaters.


From this crucible of dedication, we forged a groundbreaking training program. One that turbocharged problem-solving abilities, elevated reconnaissance and surveillance prowess, honed precision marksmanship to a razor's edge, and amplified the overall combat effectiveness of Marine Scout Snipers, Reconnaissance Snipers, and Critical Skills Operators. Our hearts beat for this community, and our souls thrived on the art of instruction. It was this shared love and fervor that gave birth to RS | Solutions Ltd. – where excellence knows no limits.

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